Zagros Photos Terms And Conditions.*


Agreement: The terms and conditions together with reservation form make up the contract agreement between you and Zagros Photos for the service(s) you request. This
contract is a binding agreement between you and Zagros Photos for the exchange of your money for described photography services in your order form. Zagros Photos and you
both agree to honor and fulfill the agreement.

Words we use in the Agreement: We, us, and our mean the photography service provider “Zagros Photos”, You and your mean the person known as client who submitted the
reservation and agreement form. You and your also mean anyone who agrees to pay for the charges related to the agreement. Subject in photography also means you and or the
people and parties or objects being photographed.

Term: The initial term of this agreement for all photography services will be for one year commencing on the date of submission.

Client: A client is the person or organization who accepts the terms and conditions by submitting the on line reservation form and to whom the invoice is addressed whether or not
the client is acting for a third party.

Confidentiality And Privacy: We will Not sell nor distribute the collected information including public information such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We
safeguard such information and use them for our records and communication purposes unless otherwise requested by court order.

Accessibility To Terms And Conditions: The use of our website and our services is subject to terms and conditions outlined herein. This information is posted on our home
page and is properly linked within our site particularly when you submit your order using contact & reservation and payment pages. Otherwise we mention our condition during
conversation or in form of a link to our website generally via e-mail to direct you to our terms and conditions.

Pricing & Estimates: Each Photography Project Is Priced Based On Assigned Project, Timing, Preparation & Set Up, Post Processing And Editing, etc. Published popular
photography packages are subject to applicable fees and may change depending upon market condition and periodic promotions. We use $125 hourly base rate to calculate our
quotes and make adjustment when quoting and giving estimates. Applicable fees associated with the photography service will be added to your invoice. One photographer will be
assigned for all photography coverages; second photographer may be available upon request at extra charge.

Communication & Correspondence: Clear communication is very important to us as we intend to deliver on our promises. In order to improve the overall quality of our services
and prevent any misunderstanding; we only recognizes written materials via e-mail or on paper supporting our promises. We respond and mail you notices either by the U.S. mail or
via e-mail. Any response and or notice that we send you is deemed to be given and delivered when deposited in the U.S. mail or sent electronically. We keep a copy of the sent e-
mails and correspondence for our records and future references. If you have any doubt about our verbal promises, you are then advised to have us address your concern in
writing immediately.

Validity: You testify that your inputs are true, accurate and valid. Upon your reservation, we instruct our photographer to plan his/her trip and photography coverage accordingly.
We rely on your input and will cover your photography session as described in agreement; your input must be accurate and detailed. Any special request and changes to your
photography coverage including location, separate trip(s) to different location must be communicated in advance and prior to your session for approval and applicable price
modification. We may terminate the agreement immediately should we discover a major discrepancy in your request, conclude that your input was falsified or misleading or you have
concealed an issue in order to accomplish a different photography coverage other than described in your agreement. In such cases your deposit will not be refunded and you agree
to pay us the entire amount. Falsified inquiries will be documented and are subject to legal investigation and prosecution. Scammers, perverts and criminals will be reported and
handled through appropriate authorities.

About default: We may consider your Account to be in default if you violate a provision of this Agreement, you give us false information, you default under another agreement you
have with us, we believe you are unwilling to pay your debts when due. If we consider your account in default, we may report the default for collection; you agree to pay all
collection costs, including attorneys’ fees that we incur to collect amounts you owe.

We may contact clients: From time to time; we may contact you about topics ranging from servicing to marketing offers to collecting amounts you owe. We may monitor and record
phone calls between you and us; we do this to ensure the quality of customer service or when it is required by law. You can choose to not receive marketing offers from us; to do
this, send us an e-mail with your request.

Notices And Communications: All notices required to be given under this agreement will be in writing via electronic mail and shall be deemed delivered at the time of dispatch by
Zagros Photos accounting personnel to you as the recipient identified by the client as its contact person in the client’s profile.

Copyright: All photographs taken by our assigned photographer(s) are Zagros Photos property, will remain our property and are protected by United States Copyright Laws. You
hereby waive any claims for ownership, resale, income, editorial control and use of the images unless it is obtained by a separate and specific agreement or when included in
quotes. You will be subject to all the expenses and fees including punitive damages associated with the violation.

Client Photo Release: This agreement serves as a photo release by Zagros Photos giving you the authority to reproduce and print pictures from delivered photos taken from your
session for personal use only and does not allow the photos to be sold or published. You further agree not to supply images to any third parties. A separate release may be supplied
to you upon request.

Standard Commercial Usage Of Image: The right to use the pictures for advertising, promotional and commercial purposes may be obtained and is usually reflected on such
photography packages which is automatically granted
herein upon your order submission as part of your contract, or will be reflected in a proposal quote or in a separate release
for the purpose as described.
Standard image usage is five years and the right to use the image expires in five years and you may not use the image any longer unless is extended.
Upon receiving payment, Zagros Photos grants you/your company a five year non-exclusive right/permission to use and reuse globally/international only for business purposes
including, promotional, media, digital marketing, printable marketing materials and editorial usage effective
as soon as the image is e-mailed. Additional five year renewal fee may be
paid at discounted rate of $250  which extends the terms to ten years from inception date. Five year renewal fee is currently at  $450 due at the end of five years period. You are
allowed to resell and or offer the image to a third party. Prints for employees personal or office display, clients, guests and individuals is not allowed and must be ordered
through Zagros Photos. Zagros Photos retains the copyright and may resell and use the image at its own discretion for any and all usage.
Furthermore, you are responsible to
safeguard the image from improper and unauthorized use. Displaying the image in website(s) by using slideshow or light watermark is recommended to prevent copying.

Business Event Photos: In an effort to protect individual's privacy, candid photographs from attendants and or employees during business events will be delivered to the client
and or its representative(s), you are therefore responsible to handle and safeguard the images from unauthorized use. Delivered images may not be sold, you may however
distribute an image to the individual(s) in the picture which you know upon your discretion. You are urged to obtain individual's consent should you choose to publish or use such
images online including social media and website.

Model/Pocket Release: This agreement serves as a model/pocket release giving Zagros Photos and its photographer the right to use my/my family/product photographs in all
forms and media now and hereafter known without restriction as to changes or alterations or modifications exclusively for the purpose of promotional, exhibition, advertising,
editorial, trade or any other lawful use. You represent that you are at least 18 years of age, have read and understand the foregoing statement, and am competent to execute this

Model/Pocket Release Opt Out: While we appreciate your images to be used in our portfolio and sample work, we assure you that safeguarding your image from illegal use is
our priority. However some clients may feel uncomfortable to allow us use their photos as our sample work and we absolutely understand and respect your feelings. In the event
you do not wish to allow us to use your image you agree to submit your "Model Release Opt Out" request in writing via e-mail to promptly upon submitting your order online.

Safeguarding And Resale Of Your Photo: We make every effort to safeguard your images in our data base from unauthorized and illegal use, we believe in high ethical
standards and moral values. Zagros Photos will not resell or distribute your images to a third party without your consent or a signed agreement. In the event that one or more of your
photos from our collection displayed in our photo galleries become a potential for resale item, we will contact you to sign a contract to share the profit from such sales.

Zagros Photos Policy About Explicit & Graphic Photography: From time to time we may offer artistic glamour nude photography however we will not display nudity and
graphic images in our website.

Zagros Photos Policy About Confidential Products And Private Places: When we photograph special objects, products and places that may be considered classified,
and confidential, we take extra measures to safeguard such images in our database while maintaining the confidentiality of the photographed objects. We may upon our
evaluation display generic, none/general descriptive photographs from such products in our website only to show as a sample product photography.

Third Party Contract Photography: From time to time Zagros Photos may act as a contractor and  accept to photograph projects for third parties including other photographers,
photography service provides or like wedding or event planners upon request. In such cases Zagros Photos will photograph the project as an independent contractor and will not be
representing an individual or a company. You agree not to introduce Zagros Photos, its photographer and or our staff to the client(s) as your employee(s). You accept all liabilities
and may be legally subject to fines, punitive damages and legal actions in the event you mislead the clients and introduce us as your employee. Zagros Photos however pledges to
treat the actual client professionally and equal as its own. Since the photos will be taken by our cameras and our photographer's talent is used to produce images, Zagros Photos
will retain the ownership of the images taken. Consequently the images is set to be delivered directly to the actual client  who has hired you for the photo project, furthermore due to
privacy act Zagros Photos will not provide you with the license for your business or media use of the image(s), you agree not to claim images as yours. The only way for you to
obtain ownership and or copyright of the photographs as your property and use them for sale or promotional purposes is to supply our photographer with professional grade camera
(s), lenses and proper equipments. You also agree to provide a copy of our terms and conditions or a link to this page to the actual client(s).

Liability And Assumption of Risk In the unlikely event if our photographer is unable to perform any or all of the duties herein for the following reasons, including but not limited to,
acts of God or other circumstances beyond our control such as illness, injury, family emergency, accident, fire, road congestions and traffic, disabled car or equipment failure and or
technical equipments problems; a substitute photographer may be sent or assigned to fulfill the obligations providing availability and your approval. Otherwise Zagros Photos will
refund the full deposit payments to you and have no further liability with respect to this agreement. This limitation on liability will also apply in the event that digital files are lost or
damaged in processing through camera or computer malfunction, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of our photographer and photo processor.

Attending Your Session: We make every effort to ensure our photographer(s) punctuality. Our photographer(s) will be in contact with you by phone on your event date and is
expected to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your session at event location in normal & realistic conditions. You and or your assigned event coordinator should be available to receive
calls from our agent(s) in emergency situations. Our photographer(s) may be late at you event beyond his/her control for few reasons such as traffic jam, navigational errors and
vehicle disability. In the unlikely event if our photographer is unable to arrive on time and or arrives after scheduled time, we extend the session beyond assigned time equal to
delayed period.

Reservation: While we consider your input valid, we make every effort to accommodate your event and dedicate our time especially for you. From time to time we may receive
multiple requests for the same date and time that you plan to make a reservation. Your reservation is considered a binding contract, once we confirm and commit to your reservation,
we may have to forfeit and decline simultaneous requests and potential assignments. As a result you agree to make fifty percent deposit payment of the photography package online
and on the same booking date when we confirm  your reservation via e-mail. You may be subject to late payment fee if we do not receive the required deposit payment on time.

Transfers: We offer our clients with the flexibility to transfer their photography sessions to their friends and families at no extra charge. If you wish to transfer your session to a
friend or family member, simply resubmit your reservation request. You will still be responsible for the remaining balance unless your friend and or family member pays the remaining
balance in full on event date. One time transfer is included at no extra charge for the same photography package or other photography services at equivalent or higher prices.

Cancellation: All Reservations Are Final. Once we confirm and commit to your reservation; we may have to forfeit and decline simultaneous inquiries and potential assignments in
order to cover your session. When you submit your order online or schedule with us in person and your photography service(s is confirmed, if it is subsequently cancelled by you, a
cancellation fee equal to required deposit payment will be charged to you. We may offer you the options to either reschedule their photography event for a future date or transfer the
purchased photography services to friends or families within six months from event date. In rare circumstances should we cancel your photography coverage, we will refund your
full deposit payment.

Discounts And Credit Adjustments: As part of our commitment to provide our clients with a competitive rate, from time to time  we may offer additional discounts that may be
applied to regular prices. Such offers expire 48 hours after we send you the offer via e-mail. You are highly encouraged to ensure your reservation within two days and make the
required deposit payment for the offer to remain in effect. We assume no obligation if you fail to make your reservation on time.

Inclement/Severe Weather Condition: Outdoor Photography is subject to rescheduling to future dates due to inclement/severe weather.

Photo archiving and storing: Upon receipt of a photo file, you accept all responsibility for archiving and protecting the photographs. Zagros Photos does not permanently archive
image files and is not responsible for the lifespan of any digital media provided or for any future changes in digital technology or media readers that might result in an inability to read
discs provided. It is your responsibility to make sure that digital files are copied and restored to new media as required.

Photo Quality: The overall quality of your pictures is subjective and depends on the surrounding environment in which you will be photographed. Individuals and crowd, cluttered
background and scattered objects or anything captured by camera will impact the appearance of your picture. Also ambient lights including tense or poor lighting conditions and
colored lights or various light sources will result in change of colors or tone on your photos. In low lighting or poor lighting condition the camera lens will not function to focus
properly which may result blurred photos. Zagros Photos and its photographer make no guarantees on the outcome of photos in such conditions, your discretion is advised.

Digital Format: All of the digital images can be only delivered in JPEG format as described in our pricing and packages. Clients may purchase up to 50 images in raw format from
most events photography package including wedding, engagement, birthday, graduation at $150 on CD excluding creative and studio portrait images. Raw format portrait images are
available at $125 per image

Photos Without Order Or A Signed Contract: In certain circumstances we may photograph you, your family members at a remote location without you having had a chance to
review our photography packages and pricing including terms and conditions. In such cases, we always provide contact information including our website address either verbally or
provide you with a link via e-mail communications or text to have you visit our website and have the opportunity to view our terms and conditions page as part of our agreement
providing services to you.  Upon request, we may offer you with the sale of prints and or low/high resolution digital images from the photos we have taken at a fair price, we are
under no obligation to offer you the sale of the photo(s) at undervalued price. Should we determine that one or more of our work is artistic and may be a potential to be used by other
companies for promotional and commercial purposes or be a great item for sale to general public, we may refuse to offer you the digital version of such images until we come to an
agreement with you.

Photo Quantity: The Number Of Pictures For All Photography Packages Is Estimated And May Be Less Than Projected numbers.

Photo Guarantee And Missed Shots: Capturing certain shots specially during live events and weddings is subjective, although our photographer's main focus would be to
capture the important moments within challenging time and in fraction of seconds during your event, for unpredictable reasons beyond photographer's control, we do not guaranty all
the shots during such events. Reasons including but not limited to the following examples that may cause missing shots would be: blocked subject by guests, obstacles and objects,
space limitation, poor and or bad lighting, reflectors and mirrors in the background making the photographer to relocate and reposition, your rapid and brief action, distractions and
disruptions, equipment malfunction and more.

Photo Credit: In cases when we offer you a free and or complimentary photo for promotional and advertising purposes, you agree to credit Zagros Photos and our photographer’s
work by descriptive text or commentary when posting and uploading our photos on line and web site.

Online Photo Publishing And Distribution: You are responsible for online photo uploading and publishing in public social net work photo sharing. Zagros Photos assumes no
responsibility for any unauthorized use, copying, misuse or alteration of your photos posted or shared on line. Client discretion is advised.

Photographer's Break: Holding and carrying relatively heavy camera and equipments for a long period during events can effect the photographer's performance and may result in
less focused and blurred images. Therefore our photographer requires frequent breaks and will not be able to snap photos every single minute. In order to help our photographer to
capture sharp and quality pictures during lengthy sessions; our photographer will be allowed to rest and should take short break(s) in all sessions over one hour period. In four hour
plus sessions our photographer may take half an hour break for lunch or dinner and is expected to be offered meal and beverages.

Other Photographer(s): During wedding photography, no other amateur or professional photographers are allowed to take pictures. You are responsible to somehow advise your
guests in advance to be considerate and cooperative with our photographer and avoid taking pictures mainly because this may seriously disrupt the ceremony and photography in
progress, causing to miss shots, distract the bride and the groom to properly position for our photographer and look away, appear and acts as an obstacle causing to miss shots
and also their flash lights may impact our pictures taken simultaneously. Additionally posing for others is time consuming and not only causes stress but also will put you behind your
schedule, after all it is very disrespectful to do something else and ignore the ceremony.

Candid Photography: Our approach to weddings and events photography is mainly photojournalist style while covering traditional and posed photography as well. Photojournalism
focuses more on candid photography with little photographer interaction; such images are more appealing and will surly help you remember the details and treasure those memories.

Creative & Special Photography: Creative and specific images can be achieved providing time, location and the client’s abilities to pose, cooperate, set up and follow the
photographer’s instructions.

Photographer Interaction: Due to limited window of opportunity against time, there might be instances that the client and or the guests may block and or clutter the photographer’s
view. In order to deliver quality photos, our photographer may be asking the client and or the guest to clear the area or ask the client or the guest to pose in different directions during
the session, such instructions should not be considered impolite. We will do our best to establish and built a rapport with the our client and their guests, we genuinely intend to help
make your event fun and more memorable and commit to host your guests with utmost respect.

Harassment: Ensuring the appropriate behavior of all guests and other persons at the wedding and other events covered by photographer is the responsibility of the client. In the
event our photographer experiences any inappropriate, abusive, humiliating, threatening, hostile or offensive behavior from the client and or any guest or other person at your
photography session event; then the following process shall be followed: first offense: a verbal warning will be issued to a family member or a supervisor of the client; second
offense: the offending person will be required to leave the wedding or event; third offense: photographer will end wedding or event  photography coverage immediately and leave,
Zagros Photos will be entitled to retain all payments hereunder and client agrees to relieve and hold Zagros Photos and the photographer harmless as a result of incomplete wedding
or event photography coverage.

Our Defence: While we take pride to deliver excellent and friendly customer service along with moral and ethical approach and operate within laws and regulations, we will firmly
defend ourselves against unrealistic and or false claims and will combat those who attempt to defraud us. Zagros Photos will stand its ground to fight intentional slanderous and
harmful statements from individuals that may target to attack our professional character and standing in marketplace. Consequently we reserve the right to withdraw our offer,
cancel scheduled or in process services at our discretion in such circumstances.

Dispute Resolution: If a dispute arises between you and Zagros Photos, our goal is to provide you with a neutral and cost effective means of resolving the dispute fairly and
quickly. Accordingly, you and Zagros Photos agree that we will resolve any claim or controversy at law or equity that arises out of this agreement or our services. We will first
consider reasonable requests to resolve the dispute through mutual agreements and if necessary thru dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation or arbitration, as
alternatives to litigation. You will only have the opportunity to resolve payment disputes and or payment discrepancies on due date upon receiving the final invoice either on site, we
keep the right to reject your appeal for claim(s) made after you have agreed and paid or signed and received your invoice, we assume no responsibility to make refunds or apply
credit adjustments. As a result, the use of delivered image(s)/print(s) will be suspended effective immediately upon you initiate a claim to dispute a payment/charge. You or anyone
on your behalf may not in any way use the delivered images/prints for personal home purposes, printing, private and social media and business purposes. Images are copyright by
Zagros Photos, any unauthorized use of the images is subject to United States copyright laws. Your privilege to use the image may be resumed only after you completely withdraw
your dispute, otherwise the use of the image is permanently revoked.  Our digital image are  traceable resulting from embedded copyright encryption.

Breaching The Contract: Should you fail to fulfill your contractual promise or fail to terms in this contract that includes failure to pay on time you are then breaching the contract.
While we encourage all of clients to submit their orders online to avoid any misunderstanding and for the records, in certain circumstances we may accept to rely on verbal/oral
agreement and a simple hand shake. In such cases we will make every effort to be clear about the service(s) we will be performing and consider your oral agreement valid and

Hours Of Operation:
Monday Thru Friday 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving
Day, Thanksgivings Day, Christmas Day. We may operate during holidays; scheduled photography sessions during holidays are  subject to  a flat surcharge.

Extended Hours: Photography time is limited to eight consecutive hours; we may extend the time to maximum twelve hours period at our discretion under
special circumstances or by prior specific arrangements. Additional time in excess to eight hours photography service will be subject to a flat $145 per hour


Promise to pay:
Upon submitting your order, you promise to make a deposit payment and pay all charges reflected on your invoice on due date for the service we perform. You
agree to pay the total amount due by the payment due date unless otherwise allowed and approved by us, should we approve and agree to receive your payment by check in the
mail, we will set five days grace period and you promise to send us the payment within five calendar days. If you fail to make payment when due or fail to comply with any other
term of this promissory note, the contract will be considered in default and breached. A late penalty charge of $35 will be assessed. You agree that until the payment owed under
this promise are not paid in full, we will not deliver any product to you.

Payment Method: We Accept Cash, Personal Check, Company Check, Bank Check, Debit Cards, Paypal, Major Credit Cards Including Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
Discover Card And Paypal From Verified Members. There is a $0.35 plus 3% transaction fee for on line and credit card payments. We do not accept Western Union checks.

How To Make A Payment: For online payment option, follow the instructions on payment page found in our web site. To write a check please make your check payable to “Zagros
Photos” and deliver it in person to our agent or mail it to us (best address to be determined). Relatives, friends and family members may pay on client's behalf. Since all the payments
are final, the payer should clearly communicate the payment amount with the client before making payment. Any payment dispute will be resolved by direct written correspondence
with the actual client.

Deposit Payment: Up to 50% of the estimated total amount is due on agreement date; the remaining balance is due on session date. Deposit payment is not refundable. Our policy
to require making deposit payment also serves as a way to authenticate prospective clients.

Non Deposit Payment: In the event the required deposit payment is not made on time after submitting your order in accordance with terms and conditions, we will attempt to
contact you by sending a payment reminder via e-mail allowing 48 hours time for you to make payment.  Should you fail to pay on time, you will then have breached your contract
agreement and we may rescind this agreement and recover damages, or, at our option, may exercise our statutory right to interest under the late payment of commercial debts act.
In addition a $35 late deposit payment fee will apply. Delinquent accounts are subject to cancellation and default fee equal to deposit payment. Respected reserved dates and time
will be available to new clients. Non-payment open orders are will be purged from reservation book after two days.

Balance Payment: The remaining balance of the total amount will be due on event date unless or otherwise previously approved.

Late Payment Fee: Past due accounts are subject to $35 late payment fee and 25% interest sill be assessed on the balance retroactive from due date. If any invoice issued to the
client is not paid on time, then all unpaid invoices issued to the client become due of immediate effect. Even if it is less than 30 days from the invoice issue date, Zagros Photos may
consider such accounts as delinquent and overdue when pursuing for collection and legal action for the recovery of said debts.

Returned Checks: $35 Returned Check Fee Will Be Assessed On Each Bounced Checks. Check writer is also responsible for all other costs of collection. Client is ultimately
responsible for total payment including applied fees.

Reminder Notice Fee: A $25 fee will be assessed for 2nd. Payment notice reminder and any other paperwork, correspondence or phone calls involved with pursuing of a debt.
This represents the additional time spent pursuing overdue invoices

Processing And Estimate Product Delivery Turnaround: Delivery Time Frame is subjective. Photos will be mailed and or delivered only after all the payments are made in full
and funds clear our bank. No exceptions.
  • Most Products: 1-10 Business Days Depends On Work Size Unless Otherwise Specified.
  • Weddings, Event,s, Large Parties And Or Ceremonies: 2-6 Weeks.

Fees & Surcharges: All Photography Services Are Subject To Applicable Fees Described Below Unless You Have Previously Received A Quote Including Applicable Fees
Associated With Photography Service. We Will Deliver An Invoice Reflecting All Of The Charges In Detail.

  • Additional Time: $125 Per Hour - Minimum Half An Hour Charge Applies Up To First 30 Minutes.
  • Equipment Supply Fee: 2% Of Total Amount.
  • Rescheduling: $75 Afterwards And Subject To Approval.
  • Express Processing And Product Delivery: $35-$195 Depending On Photography Projects.
  • Mobile Studio Lighting & Backdrop Transportation And Set Up Fee: $125.
  • Additional Studio Backdrop/Background: $20 For Each Selection.
  • Portrait Photography Outfit Changes: Two Changes, Additional Change $25.
  • Raw Images: Up to 50 images in raw format from most events photography package including wedding, engagement, birthday, graduation excluding creative and studio
    portrait images: $150
  • Raw format portrait and creative images: $125 per image
  • Mailing And Delivery Service Fee (DVD Digital Photo File And Prints): $15 - $150 depending on weight and size.
  • After Hours Services: Flat $125 Surcharge Applies On Photography Services Beyond Hours Of Operation.
  • National Holidays: Flat $125 Surcharge.
  • High Season Weekend Surcharge: $50 - $125 (Excluding Weddings)
  • Travel Fee: $15 Up To 15 Miles From National Harbor, MD 20745.
  • Travel Fee: $25 Between 16-25 from Fairfax, VA 22032.
  • Travel Fee: $35 Between 26-50From Fairfax, VA 22032.
  • Travel Fee: $50 Between 51-75 from Fairfax, VA 22032.
  • On Line/Credit Card Payments Processing Fee: $0.35 Plus 3% Of The Amount.
  • On Line Guest Access Photo Gallery (Requiring Downsizing, Numbering & Uploading): 200 Images $135, 400 Images $210, 600 Images: $350
  • Photography Package Purchase Transfer Allowance: Yes, One Time, Subject To Approval.
  • Portrait Photography Outfit Changes: Additional Change $25.
  • Toll And Parking Fees: Client is responsible to provide parking space and pays toll and parking fees.
  • Admission And Entrance Fees: Client is responsible for admission and entrance fees for places such as parks, theaters, halls, museums, etc. With Commercial photography,
    this includes accessing other buildings and getting entrance permission for the photo shoot.
  • Gratuity: Photographer’s Gratuity is not included in your service fee and is left to client’s discretion. Zagros Photos photographer is prohibited from soliciting gratuities.
  • Second Photographer For Large Weddings & Events: Available upon request $350 - $600.
  • You should understand these terms, when to apply them, and what options are available. If you are not sure, get competent advice. If you are still in doubt as to whether a
    term applies, please clarify the matter prior to submission. Please print a copy for your records.

*  Subject to occasional modifications and updates.
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