Photo Restoration
Give Your Photo A Makeover
What We Can Do:
We are able to retouch and restore your photos and then resize, print and mail it to you in a timely fashion. Our advanced photo restoration techniques allow us to
return most damaged photo to their former glory.

Prices are subjective and depends on severity of damage or work  (basic, light, moderate and severe) for both retouching or restoration orders, we will quote you
the price after receiving your image and what you want to accomplish. Our prices start from $15 per image for basic retouching services that when you provide us
with a digital picture or correctly scanned photo and $29 for basic restoring prints, the cost of restoration  may go up to $500 or more per photo for extensive repairs.

How To Order:
Simple ways place your order. If you have a printed picture, you may first send us a digital version from it, take a photo with your digital camera/phone and e-mail it
to us so we give you an estimate, you will then mail us the original picture so we can digitally reproduce for retouching and restoration. If you have access to a
good scanner, you may take a high resolution scan from your photo minimum 400 dpi and e-mail the digital version. If your photo is digital, please send us the
original image without any alteration via e-mail. You should write what we need to do for your picture so we can better understand to finish the image as close as
to what you have in mind.

Digital Photo Retouching And Restoration Include:
  • Wrinkle, Folds, Creases & Cracks Reduction/Elimination.
  • Specks And Scratches Elimination
  • Contrast, Saturation And Brightness Correction
  • Stains, Smears And Traces Of Writing Tools Elimination
  • Spotted, Torn, Bleached And Fade.
  • Fix Over Exposed Photos
  • Fix Under Exposed Photos
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Stray Hair Removal
  • Eye Color Change
  • Facial Touch Ups
  • Enhance and smooth skin
  • Retouch blemishes, scars and other imperfections
  • Makeup enhancement (eyes, lashes, eye shadow, lip color enhanced and wrinkle smoothed)
  • Skin tones
  • Background Change: Object removal or add new background.
  • Remove Objects
  • Color Correction
  • Black & White Conversion:
  • Lighten overly dark photos
  • Add Special Effects
  • Faded Image
  • Selective Desaturation Image (Colorized Black & White Photos)
  • Damaged By fire, water, mold, pets, or children.
  • Reduce/Remove Glare.
  • Straighten Photo (Align/Rotate Photo - Straighten photo with horizon crooked)
  • Photo Resizing (Changing Digital Photo Size To Higher Or Lower Resolution - Higher For Prints & Lower For Internet Use)
  • Reproduce Photo Prints & Enlargement
  • Edit And More
Photo Retouching
Photo Restoration
  • Memories Are Priceless And Photographs Are Just Frozen
    Moments In Time! Children grow up, and loved ones are lost.
    But with our photo restoration services, those moments live on.

  • Precious old or antique family photos are usually stored
    somewhere that age and get damaged due to handling, time,
    light, humidity, heat and cold that requires restoration.
  • Many photos are already great and not necessary damaged,
    instead would require manipulation, retouching and tweaking
    in order to make them more appealing.

  • Digital portraits, fashion photos, wedding & family photos and
    commercial photos are most common photos that require
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Photo Restoration
Photo Restoration
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Photo Restoration
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Photo Restoration
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