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Are You Ready To Be Photographed On Your Wedding Day?

Your Pictures Will Be All You Will Have To Remember Your Wedding Day Once It's Over!

On your wedding day, you'll want to make sure our photographer captures those essential
details you worked so hard on. Below please find a list of what we think are “must take”
wedding photographs with wedding gold package. Simply check the shot that apply to you
and add any of your own creative ones.

Note: Please keep in mind that depending on the photography package, the wedding shots
may be limited due to timing and the photographer's accessibility to the subjects. Your
Discretion Is Advised. You Are Strongly Encouraged To Allow Sufficient Time And Patience.

In general brides and grooms are not professional or trained models to act and pose in front of a
camera in controlled studio conditions. Wedding photography is the hardest type of photography
because it deals with real situations and the fact that the photographer has to be at the right angle
or position and at the right time to capture a single genuine moment; this requires the
photographer to constantly move and take position practically at no time while trying to hold the
camera that feels heavy and hard to keep steady in order to take sharp pictures.
Main Wedding Photography Category:
  • Getting Ready
  • Before Wedding
  • Outdoor (Park, Garden, Attractions, Beach, City)
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
Wedding Photography Checklist:
  • Bride Getting Ready
  • Bride’s Dress On The Hanger, Over A Chair Or Bed
  • Close-Up Of Bride’s Shoes
  • Close-Up Of Bride’s Necklace & Tiara
  • Close-Up Of Bride’s Headpiece
  • Macro Photograph Of The Rings
  • Bride’s Having Hair Done.
  • Close-Up Of Make Up Being Applied.
  • Relative And Or Bridesmaids Zipping Up Bride’s Dress And Arranging It
  • Close-Up Of Dress Details.
  • Close-Up Of Bride’s Bouquet.
  • Bride Holding Bouquet.
  • Bride Together With Bridesmaids.
  • Flower Girl(s) Ready To Go.
  • Bride Spending Moment Alone, Thinking Quietly Or Looking Out A Window
  • Close-Up Of Eyes Under Veil (If Applicable).
  • Full Length Shot Of Bride All Dressed And Ready To Go.
  • Bride Blowing Kiss.
  • Wedding Cake.
  • Wedding Car.
  • Wedding Venue.
  • Reception Area Before Guest Arrival.
  • Wedding Guest Book Table.
  • Wedding Gift Table.
  • Groom Getting Ready
  • Groom Adjusting Tie Or Bow-Tie  In The Mirror
  • Close-Up Of Groom’s boutonnière
  • Groom Moment Alone
  • Close-Up Of Groom’s Cufflinks And Studs
  • Groom’s Cummerbund Or Belt, Vest, Bow-Tie & Watch
  • Full Length Shot Of Groom All Dressed And Ready To Go.
  • Groom With Groomsmen (doing something fun)
  • Father Giving Away Bride
  • Groom Waiting For Bride
  • Flower Girl Walking Down The Aisle.
  • Ring Bearer Walking Down The Aisle.
  • Groom with groomsmen and flower girls & ring bearer
  • Bride with bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearer
  • Vacant Ceremony Environment And Altar.
  • Formal Pictures With Family And Close Friends
  • First Dance
  • Cake Cutting
  • Candid Pictures Of Guests During Ceremony
  • Candid Pictures Of Guests During Reception And Dancing
  • Bride and Groom cutting the cake
  • Bride and Groom feeding each other cake
  • Groom taking garter off bride
  • Groom throwing garter
  • Bride throwing bouquet
  • Groom & Bride In Front Of Church
  • Bride in front of the wedding altar
  • Bride & Groom in front of the wedding altar
  • Bridesmaids Alone.
  • Groomsmen Alone.
  • Bride & Groom Leaving The Church, Guests Blowing Bubbles Or Throwing Confetti.
  • Bride And Groom Kissing After Their Vows.
  • Groom Placing Wedding Ring On Bride’s Finger.
  • Bride Placing Wedding Ring On Groom’s Finger.
  • Candid shots of bride and groom with guests during the ceremony and reception.
  • Ceremony Kiss The Bride Now Moment
  • Bride and Groom leaving sanctuary after the ceremony
  • Bride walking down the aisle to meet the groom.
  • Wedding parties (mothers, bridesmaids and groomsmen coming down the aisle).
  • Groom coming down the aisle into sanctuary.
  • Whole Ceremony View Covering All.
  • Bride, Groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids and wedding priest during wedding vows.
  • Wedding Centerpiece Flowers.
  • Bride and groom getting in a car and leaving. “Just married Shot”.
  • Officiant: “You May Now Kiss The Bride”.
Our Wedding Photography Style: Combination Of Photojournalist, Candid And Traditional.
Assembled Photo Albums
Gallery Wrap
Canvas on Matboard: Give your prints gallery-level
quality with our canvas bonded to matboard. The
canvas provides the rich texture for your print and
the matboard gives it a sturdy backing that prepares
it for framing or other types of display. We suggest
that any prints you have mounted on Canvas on
Matboard be framed.
Canvas Gallery Wraps are printed on premier art
canvas substrate and wrapped around a 1.5"
wooden stretcher frame. Gallery Wraps come ready
to hang and are perfect for displaying your work in a
gallery, office, home, or anywhere.
Boutique Packaging provides a presentation as
classy as your prints. Your prints ship in a classy
cream box packaged with French vanilla tissue and
finished with a rich, chocolate brown grosgrain bow.
■Available on all prints 11" x 14" and below.
Photo Album - Spine/Hinge Detail
Photo Album, Open Center Hinge
Boutique Packaging
Canvas on Matboard
Boutique Packaging
Assembled Photo Albums   
Assembled Albums are every photographer's dream.
Just select your images and let us mount them for
you in a beautifully handcrafted leather album.
Each page offers an image area with a 1/16" border
giving the image a matted look. Assembled Albums
come with a black leather cover and offer a simple,
yet elegant, presentation.
Photo Album And Print Options
10 Pages
24 Pages
40 Pages
4" X 6"
5" X 5"
5' X 7"
8" X 8"
8" X 10"
10" X 10"
Assembled Album Pricing
Album Includes Luster Coating Photos
8" X 10"
10" X 10"
11" X 14"
10" X 20"
16" X 16"
10" X 30"
16" X 20"
16" X 24"
20" X 20"
20" X 24"
20" X 30"
24" X 30"
24" X 36"
Gallery Wraps:
Printed on canvas
Wrapped around 1.5" width wooden stretcher frame
Single and Double Weight Matboard
Mounting your print on matboard not only gives the print
extra support, but it also helps preserve the value of the print
over time. Single-weight matboard is 1/16" thick and
double-weight matboard is 1/8" thick. We suggest that any
prints you have mounted on Single or Double Weight
Matboard be framed.